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Boston Financial’s expertise and capabilities in asset and portfolio management are widely recognized as best-in-class in the industry, and the company has been a service provider to third parties since 1999.

Our expert Asset and Fund Management teams focus on investment performance, risk management, and client service and reporting. This comprehensive approach is supported by well-established processes and our proprietary IT systems and allows us to closely monitor every property to ensure their long-term physical and financial viability and maximize the delivery of benefits to investors.

In addition to our capabilities to monitor assets throughout their LIHTC compliance period, we have significant experience in Year-15 exit strategies. We have completed more than 1,200 dispositions and made over $500 million in distributions to investors.

Boston Financial’s expertise and IT systems are available to third parties. We offer comprehensive asset and fund management services and are able to take in and manage new portfolios with no gaps in monitoring or risk management.

Historically, we have integrated five portfolios with over 1,450 properties without interruption in asset management or reporting, including a direct investment portfolio of 122 properties in 1999; a 575 property equity portfolio in 2003; a 625 tax-exempt bond and Agency loan portfolio in 2006; a Historic tax credit portfolio in 2007, and a portfolio of 133 tax credit properties in their disposition stage in 2015.

Portfolio Services

Our services are customized to meet our clients’ needs and portfolio objectives and include:

  • Asset Monitoring and Problem Resolution
  • Property Workouts
  • Asset Dispositions
  • Fund Management
  • Fund Accounting
  • Reporting and Data Management
  • Strategic Portfolio Management


Boston Financial has invested significant financial and intellectual capital over the years to ensure we have the most advanced information technology systems to manage our portfolio. We have developed a proprietary database and 14 IT applications that allow our asset and portfolio management teams to quickly identify both problems and opportunities in our portfolio and meet our clients' reporting needs.

PRISM, our proprietary Asset Management database, contains detailed, up-to-date information about every fund, partnership and property we manage and supports key asset management, fund management, and investor reporting processes.

Risk Matrix, K-1 Checklist, and Portfolio Management are analytic IT applications that support property monitoring, risk mitigation, fund performance management and benefit delivery activities.

The Hub, our Web-based reporting portal, provides our investor clients a customized view of their investments with Boston Financial and access to portfolio reports and tax and financial information for all of their funds.

Our Accounting, Legal, Taxation and Data Processing teams are also dedicated to providing our clients with the quality service they deserve.

If you would like learn more about how Boston Financial’s Asset and Portfolio Management Services can help you, please contact:

Armando Pérez
Executive Vice President

Direct: 1.617.488.3511
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Boston, MA 02110
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