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Based on our track record, reputation for service, and portfolio size, Boston Financial has become a nationally recognized leader in the low- income housing equity market. Our tax credit acquisitions and investment professionals are renowned in the business and many have been active in the tax credit market since the introduction of the LIHTC program in 1986 which allows investors to receive a credit against their federal taxes in exchange for providing funds to build or renovate housing at rents within reach of low-income people.

Boston Financial, as syndicator, acquires low-income housing tax credits from affordable housing developers by investing equity in their housing developments in exchange for their tax credits. We create investment funds that allow the tax credits to be distributed to investors. Investors purchase interests in these funds and receive the tax benefits of the investment.

Over the course of our firm’s 45 year history, we have built long-term relationships with over 400 affordable housing developers – all with a demonstrated record of accomplishment and expertise in building, rehabbing, and managing affordable housing communities that are safe, attractive and financially feasible.

If you are an investor and are interested in pursuing LIHTC equity investment opportunities with Boston Financial, please contact:

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Sarah J. Laubinger

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